The quote that sums up what I strive for in my work:

“…a quest for forms that achieve a true balance between function, the potential of materials, the context within which an object is used, and beauty.” Mutsuo Takahashi renowned Japanese poet

Katharine Tessier has worked in Toronto as an Industrial Designer for fifteen years. She works primarily as a Product Designer and Lighting Designer, but also as a Design Engineer, and Project Manager. She is a Professional Member of ACIDO (Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario).

As a Product Designer, Katharine designs, develops, and engineers decorative hardware that are mass-produced and available through major North American retailers and through commercial distribution.

As a Lighting Designer, Katharine treats every space as a canvas for great illumination. A well illuminated space is not only functional, it is pleasing, comforting, safe, and inclusive. She has employed her skills to create great locally produced lighting solutions.

Her work includes lighting for Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto Botanical Gardens, Body Blitz Spa, and Beth Tivah Synagogue.

She loves to get hands on with the making of beautiful and functional things. With this in mind, she works to improve the relationship between local manufacturers, local designers, and the local economy. This new initiative called Manufacturers + Designers Connect has a mission to foster more local design to be put into production locally too.

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