Everyday Lighting – Harbourfront Centre

Lighting is an essential element of everyday life. Like moths to flame, we are inherently drawn to it. It is beautiful and functional. It is technical and sculptural. Lighting can be used simply to reduced darkness, but it can be so much more. Everyday Lighting is an exploration of illumination for practical use at the intersection between fine craft, sculpture, and design. Through the individual interpretation by ceramicists, glass artists, and designers in residence at the Harbourfront Centre’s Craft & Design Studio, various forms of illumination are explored. Whether it is reducing darkness, adding sparkle, providing comfort, producing reflections, refractions, growing a plant, or playing with shadow, each piece addresses the function and beauty of lighting in different ways. Katharine Tessier has guided each participant to seamlessly incorporate the latest in LED lighting technology into their already impressive bodies of work.


Exhibition in South Vitrines at Harbourfront Centre ran from January 21st, 2017 until June 18, 2018.

Included in the exhibition is new work by Ed Colberg, Aurora Darwin,  Jade Dumrath, Oscar Kwong, Becky Lauzon, Kristian Spreen, Silvia Taylor, and ChengOu Yu.

Katharine Tessier would like to thank the following for assisting and supporting the work that went in to creating this exhibition:
Turn of the Century

Meld Media
Vintage Wire
Nelson & Garrett

Image shown: Work by Kristian Spreen with Design Engineering by Katharine Tessier